Ram Charit Manas - Monday

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परम धर्म 


दो. -  गिरिजा संत समागम सम न लाभ कछु आन ।
     बिनु हरि कृपा न होर्इ सो गावहिं बेद पुरान ।।

धरमु न दूसर सत्य समाना । आगम निगम पुरान बखाना ।।
परम धर्म श्रुति बिदित अहिंसा । पर निंदा सम अघ न गरीसा ।।
पर हित सरिस धर्म नहिं भार्इ । पर पीड़ा सम नहिं अधमार्इ ।।
परहित बस जिन्ह के मन माहीं । जिन्ह कहुँ जग दुर्लभ कछु नाहीं ।।
साधु चरित सुभ चरित कपासू । निरस बिसद गुनमय फल जासू ।।
जो सहि दुख परछिद्र दुरावा । बंदनीय जेहिं जग जस पावा ।।
अघ कि पिसुनता सम कछु आना । धर्म कि दया सरिस हरिजाना ।।
निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा । मोहि कपट छल छिद्र न भावा ।।

दो.- उमा जे राम चरन रत बिगत काम मद क्रोध ।
    निज प्रभुमय देखहिं जगत केहि सन करहिं बिरोध ।।


Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,


परम धर्म ( Noble Virtues )

गिरिजा संत समागम सम न लाभ कछु आन। 
बिनु हरि कृपा न होइ सो गावहिं वेद पुरान ।।                                              *7/125ख 

(  Shivji says, ) " Girija ! There is no gain so valuable as the fellowship of saints ; the same, however, cannot be had without the grace of Shri Hari ( The Lord ) ; so declare the Vedas & Puranas ".

Personal note : We all have experienced spiritual vibrations, in the satsang or mere presence of enlightened souls. 

When we have the congregation of the Sant, we can utilize the God-sent opportunity to get guidance / clarification to get rid of one's vices or short comings or pitfalls in साधना। 

I remember Swami Santanandaji Saraswati of Lord's Grace, Bangalore, confiding in me that positive vibrations were always felt in presence of Pujya Babuji , whom she referred to as her " Shiv Dayal Betaji. " 

When we went to Gorakhpur in Feb. '80 to attend dear Praveen's marriage, Pujya Babuji took Prem Narain Phuphaji and me to श्री राधा बाबाजी of गीता वाटिका। 

What Babuji told us about the principles and practices of श्री राधा बाबा, were conveyed in Babuji's circular letter. It is well known that श्री राधा बाबा, who having practised नवधा भक्ति for several years and having adopted ब्रह्मचर्य, निराभिमानता and असंगता as his core values, had attained such a high sainthood  that भजन-सत्संग in his presence gave us all the feeling of Divinity flowing all around.  

I must say these enlightened souls valued सत्संग immensely and were very candid while conveying praise for the benefit derived from सत्संग, as stated by Bhagwan Shiv to Ma Girija, in the aforesaid दोहा।     


Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

परम धर्म ( Noble Virtues )

धरमु न दूसर सत्य समाना। 
आगम निगम पुरान बखाना। 
                    * 2/94/3 

Truth is the highest virtue, as declared by the Vedas, Puranas and other holy books.

परम धर्म श्रुति बिदित अहिंसा। 
पर निंदा सम अघ न गरीसा।।                      *7/120/11

It is declared in the Vedas that non-violence is the highest virtue and speaking ill of others is the meanest sin.

Note :--

Truth is the noblest virtue of the faculty of speech,

Non-violence is the noblest virtue of the faculty of thought.

Personal note :--

Performing श्री सत्य नारायण पूजन-कथा on the first Sunday of the month has been the tradition, followed by the family since December 1939, established by Pujya Babuji. 

He would propagate the value of living by TRUTH in thought, words and deeds, meticulously. 

Pujya Babuji admired the practice of अहिंसा of living creatures, as followed by the Jains.

Pujya Baba laid down a principle in communication :----  

जो बात कहो,  साफ़ हो, सुथरी हो, भली हो।
कड़वी न हो, खट्टी न हो, मिश्री की डली हो ।।   

Pujya Babuji has shared a secret in भावांजलि भाग 2 :--

पर निंदा एवं स्व प्रशंसा हीनता का द्योतक है।


Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

परम धर्म ( Noble Virtues )

परहित सरिस धर्म नहिं भाई। 
पर पीड़ा सम नहिं अधमाई ।।                              *7/40/1

There is no virtue so noble as benevolence and nothing so low as causing suffering to another.

Note  : Benevolent Service ( सेवा ) is the noblest virtue of the faculty of action.

परहित बस जिनके मन माहीं। 
तिन्ह कहँ जग दुलभ कछु नाहीं।।                                       *3/30/5

To them, nothing is difficult to achieve in this world, whose mind is ever engaged in doing good to others.

Note  : Service is the noblest virtue of the faculty of action. 

Personal Note : 

These 2 चौपाई describe the characteristics of the ideal in the noblest profession of doctors, who provide relief to those suffering from ailment and pain in the human body.

Dr. Bhagwat Sahay, the First Principal and Dean of GR Medical  College at Gwalior was an ideal physician-pathalogist, who was an embodiment of 'परोपकार'. He was loved and admired by the in as well as the general public. 

His bust statue adorns the entrance lobby of the Medical College at Gwalior. On Pujya Babuji's advice, the aforesaid 2 चौपाई were engraved below Doctor Saheb Baba's statue. 

In the यक्ष प्रश्न episode of Mahabharat, यक्ष asked युधिष्ठिर : -

" धन्यास्ति कोः ? " 

धन्य ( Blessed ) are not the wealthy, old or those holding high positions of power or administration either. Blessed are those who are engaged in benevolent service परोपकार। 

Therefore, युधिष्ठिर assertively replied " यस्तु परोपकारी " 

- Ajey

Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

परम धर्म ( Noble virtue )

साधु  चरित सुभ चरित कपासू। 
निरस बिसद गुनमय  फल जासू।।                             *1/1/3 

The conduct of holy men is nobleas the career of the cotton plant, the fruit whereof is tasteless, white and fibrous ( even as the doing of saints yield results, which are free from attachment, stainless and full of goodness). 

जो सहि दुख़ परछिद्र दुरावा। 
बंदनीय जेहि जग जस पावा।।
Even by suffering hardships ( in the form of ginning, spinning and weaving ) the cotton plant covers other's fault and thereby earned in the world a renown, which is worthy of adoration. 

Personal note :--

The spirit of sacrifice to cover other's short comings or limitations and tolerance to suffer pain, so that the other individual may attain success and enjoy the fruits of glory, earns the holy men universal respect in the society. 

संत वचन हैं :---

अपने प्रति न्याय ; दूसरे के प्रति उदारता का भाव रखना, बड़पन की निशानी है।   


Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

परम धर्म ( Noble Virtues )

अघ कि पिसुनता सम कछु आना। 
धर्म कि दया सरिस हरिजाना।।                        *7/111/5

There is no sin equal to backbiting. There is no religious merit so great as compassion.

निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा। 
मोहि कपट छल छिद्र न भावा।।                            *5/43/3

Shri Ram says : " He attains to me whose mind is pure. I dislike duplicity, cheating and censoriousness.

Personal note :---

Pandit Nand Kishore Tauji of Saudagar Santar, Morar, once explained the nature of निर्मल मन and quoted the चौपाई of श्रीराम-हनुमान मिलन …… 

' अस कहि परेउ चरन अकुलाई।  निज तन प्रगट प्रीती उर छाई।।

तब रघुपति उठाय उर लावा ……….. 

Tauji emphatically pointed out that until Hanumanji changed over and resumed his normal " vanar roop" from the " vipra roop"  श्रीराम did not embrace or touch him.


Sadhak Ajey said...

Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

परम धर्म ( Noble Virtues )

उमा जे राम चरण रत विगत काम मद क्रोध। 
निज प्रभु मय देखहिं जगत केहि सन करहिं विरोध।।                * 7/112 ख 

(Shivji says ) " Uma ! They, who are devoted to the Lotus Feet of Shri Ram and are free from lust, vanity and anger, look upon the world full with the Lord. With whom, then, would they harbour animosity ? "