Ram Charit Manas - Wednesday

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दो.- सगुन उपासक परहित निरत नीति दृढ़ नेम
     ते नर प्रान समान मम जिन्ह कें द्विज पद प्रेम ।।

अमितबोध अनीह मितभोगी । सत्यसार कबि कोबिद जोगी ।।
सावधान मानद मदहीना । धीर धर्म गति परम प्रबीना ।।
निज गुन श्रवन सुनत सकुचाहीं । पर गुन सुनत अधिक हरषाहीं ।।
सम सीतल नहिं त्यागहिं नीती । सरल सुभाउ सबहि सन प्रीती ।।
जप तप ब्रत दम संजम नेमा । गुरु गोबिंद बिप्र पद प्रेमा ।।
श्रद्धा छमा मैयत्री दाया । मुदिता मम पद प्रीति अमाया ।।
बिरति विबेक बिनय बिग्याना । बोध जथारथ बेद पुराना ।।
दंभ मान मद करहिं न काऊ । भूलि न देहिं कुमारग पाऊ ।।

दो.- निंदा अस्तुति उभय सम ममता मम पद कंज ।
         ते सज्जन मम प्रानप्रिय गुन मंदिर सुख पुंज ।।


Sadhak Ajey said...

From the desk of Sadhak Ajey

उत्थान पथ -
बुधवार : रामायण -
संत लक्षण ( Symptoms of Saint )

सगुन उपासक परहित निरत नीति दृढ़ नेम। 
ते नर प्रान समान मम जिन्ह के द्विज पद प्रेम।।                              *5/48

( Shri Ram says )  " Those men, who worship my personal form, are intent on doing good to others, firmly tread the path of righteousness and are steadfast in their vow and devoted to the Brahmans, are dear to me. "  


Sadhak Ajey said...

From the desk of Sadhak Ajey :--

 उत्थान पथ से : बुधवार - संत लक्षण ( Symptoms of Saint )... contd 

अमित बोध अनीह मितभोगी। 

सत्य सार कबि कोबिद जोगी।।                            *3/44/4

सावधान मानद मद हीना। 

धीर धर्म गति परम प्रबीना।।                            * 3/44/5

( Shri Ram reveals to Devarshi Narad ji ) " He is a saint, who has quest for unlimited knowledge, is non-attached, observes moderation in the enjoyment of worldly objects, is truthful, is inspired ; is learned ; is a yogi ; is circumspect; is respectful; is unassuming ; is unfaltering ;and is highlyproficient in treading the course of righteousness."

Personal note : The aforesaid fundamental principles, enumerated by Shri Ram fit in well with the modern times. 

We, as professionals, have been professing to colleagues that " Learning is a continuous process and should never stop." also, we have" to keep abreast with the results of latest researches and trends in technology", lest one should get out-dated. 

However, one has to be truthful and definitely brave enough to admit " I am sorry ! I was misinformed, I made a mistake and here was an error of judgement." The inspiring words 

" Karne mae savdhaan, hone mae prasannata !" reflect a very positive attitude.  

My personal view is that this is in tune with Shakespear's master stroke in ' Hamlet' : Polonius' advice to his son ..... the last part :---

" This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow like the night the day. Thou can'st not then be false to any man."

While on the subject, permit me to recall an age old incidence of 1938. A milkman had come to Pujya Babuji in the very first year of his legal career, saying that he had supplied milk to a moneyed Seth ( Lala ji ), who was unwilling to pay the due amount. He wanted to file an appeal in the court.

As is the practice, in the dis-organised sector of milk distribution, the milkman (gwaala) could neither demand nor receive any receipt on daily basis for the milk, supplied by him. In the absence of any evidence or witness, the case was obviously weak and the milkman was bound to lose in the court of law.Therefore, Pujya Babuji advised him not to go in for an appeal. But the client was insistent. 

Pujya Babuji sought Pujya Baba's professional advice. 

He too had the same view that in the absence of evidence or witness, the milkman stood no chance of winning an appeal. But the milkman was adamant. He made an appeal and as was expected, he lost it too.

.......And now the impacting communication, which everyone of us, leading a life of INTEGRITY can get inspiration from.   ................After the judgement, in the court room itself, the milkman said to the Seth " Lala ! Tum jeet kar bhi haar  gaye ; mae haar kar bhi jeet gaya ! " 

How true in deed  !!

- Ajey.

Sadhak Ajey said...

From the desk of Sadhak Ajey :---

उत्थान पथ से : बुधवार - संत लक्षण ( Symptoms of Saint ) ..Contd.

निज गुन श्रवण सुनत सकुचाहीं। 
पर गुन सुनत अधिक हरषाहीं।।

सम सीतल नहिं त्यागहिं नीती। 
सरल सुभाउ  सबहिं सन  प्रीती।।

जप तप ब्रत दम संजम नेमा। 
गुरु गोविंद बिप्र पद  प्रेमा।।

( Shri Ram confides with Devarshi Narad ji ) " He is a saint, who blushes when praised of his good qualities ; rejoices to hear another's good qualities ; is balanced in mind ; is cool and collected ; does not deflect from the path of virtue ; is guileless by nature ; is affectionate to all; does Jap 

( repetion of the Lord's name ) ; adopts austerity ; undertakes sacred resolutions ; controls his senses ; is self-denying ; sticks to religious observances ; is devoted to the Feet of the Lord, of the preceptor and of the learned ".



Sadhak Ajey said...

From the desk of Sadhak Ajey, 

उत्थान पथ से : बुधवार - संत लक्षण ( Symptoms of Saint ) ..Contd.

श्रद्धा छमा मयत्री दाया । 
मुदिता मम पद प्रीती अमाया।।                              *3/45/2

बिरति बिबेक बिनय बिग्याना। 
बोध जथारथ बेद  पुराना।।   

दम्भ मान मद करहिं न काऊ। 
भूलि न देहिं कुमारग पाऊ।। 

(Shri Ram shares evaluation criteria with Devarshi Narad ji)

" He is a saint, who is full of faith, forbearance, friendliness, compassion, cheerfulness and sincere devotion to His Lotus Feet, is gifted with dispassion, discrimination, humility, divine knowledge, true understanding of the Vedas and Puranas ; is free from hypocracy, pride and arrogance ; and does not take to evil path by mistake".


Sadhak Ajey said...

From the desk of Sadhak Ajey 

उत्थान पथ से : बुधवार - संत लक्षण ( Symptoms of Saint ) ..Contd.

निंदा अस्तुति उभय सम ममता मम पद कंज। 
ते सज्जन मम प्रान प्रिय गुन मंदिर सुख पुंज।।                                               *7/38

(Shri Ram explains to Bharat ji the attributes of a Saint)

" Those who regard criticism and praise alike ; have attachment to my Lotus Feet, as their only possession, such saintly souls are dear to me as the very life itself, being abodes of noble qualities and bliss ". 

Personal Note : 

Let me share some spiritual experiences at this juncture. I consider swapn darshan of Pujya Babuji ( who is also my Guru ) to be a rare privilege. I must confess, the dialogues in swapn darshan are so detailed and the tone is so intense and impacting that I cannot call it a dream. They occur when I need guidance / some course correction.

A few years back, I was mulling over the fact that Goswami Tulsi Das ji was obsessed by Sant-Asant so much that he made a prayer to them right in the prambhik vandana phase in Baal Kaand. Then mid-way when Naradji met Shri Ram in Aranya Kaand, he requested the Lord to throw light on the symptoms of Saint. Finally, in Uttar Kaand, in the Bharatji's episode, Hanumaan ji prompts a dialogue by saying, "(Naath Bharat kachhu poochhan chahheen, prasn karat man sakuchit ahahin) culminating in Shri Ram again dealing with Sant-Asant attributes and explaining in detail. As a sadhak, I was clueless as to why has this particular aspect to be dealt up with again and again,

My feeling is that Pujya Babuji understood  the puzzle and therefore appeared in swapn darshan.

Let me try to recall the entire dialogue, as it occurred.

बाबूजी  : " संतों के लक्षण रामजी ने किस किस को बताये ? "

अजेय : " नारद जी को अरण्य काण्ड में और भरत जी को उत्तर काण्ड में  !"

बाबूजी : " शाबाश !  .......... क्यों बताये ? "

अजेय  : " मुझे नहीं मालूम ! इस पहेली में उलझा हुआ हूँ "    

बाबूजी : " तुम्हें मालूम  है।  तुम बेकार पहेली बना बैठे हो ! "

अजेय : " जी मुझे सचमुच नहीं मालूम। निज सत्संग में भी हल नहीं निकला।  बाबूजी : " हनुमानजी की वंदना जो सुबह करते हो वो सुनाओ  .     

अजेय : " मंगल मूरति मारुतीनंदन, सकल अमंगल मूल निकंदन …  

बाबूजी : " आगे ….......... ?

अजेय : " पवनतनय ………।

बाबूजी : " अरे अगर एक बार में पूरा सुना दोगे   तो उत्तर मिल जायेगा ! 

अजेय : " पवनतनय संतन हितकारी ……। 

बाबूजी : " यदि संत स्वभाव अपना लोगे तो हनुमानजी को तुम्हारे हितों की हर समय रक्षा करनी पड़ेगी …… ये उनकी ज़िम्मेदारी बन जाएगी। 

My humble submission is that there is no need to grumble and change the world.

What I as an individual need to do is change my natue 

  ( and attitude) and orient myself towards संत स्वभाव।   

Some of us are aware of the following fact :-- 

Of all the भजन स्तुति, dear to us, Pujya Babuji had in his Puja Room only one hand-written  framed and kept in his focus,  गोस्वामी तुलसीदास कृत विनय पत्रिका का पद : 

कबहुँ कहों यह रहनी रहौंगो, 
श्रीरघुनाथ कृपालु कृपा ते संत स्वभाव  गहौंगो !    

- Ajey.