Ram Charit Manas - Sunday

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प्रथम कर्त्तव्य 


दो. -  जड़ चेतन गुन दोषमय विस्व कीन्ह करतार ।
    संत हंस गुन गहहिं पय परिहरि वारि विकार ।।

प्रातः पुनीत काल प्रभु जागे । अरूनचूड़ बर बोलन लागे ।।
प्रातःकाल उठिकै रघुनाथा । मातु पिता गुरु नावहिं माथा ।।
मातु पिता गुरु प्रभु कै बानी । बिनहिं विचार करिअ सुभ जानी ।।
सुनु जननी सोइ सुतु बड़भागी । जो पितु मातु वचन अनुरागी ।।
तनय मातु पितु तोषनिहारा । दुर्लभ जननि सकल संसारा ।।
करर्इ जो करम पाव फल सोर्इ । निगम नीति असि कह सबु कोर्इ ।।
कादर मन कहुँ एक अधारा । दैव दैव आलसी पुकारा ।।
प्रबिसि नगर कीजे सब काजा । हृदय राखि कौसलपुर राजा ।।

दो.- सो अनन्य जाकें असि मति न टरर्इ हनुमंत ।
        मैं सेवक सचराचर रूप स्वामि भगवंत ।।


Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk

प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty)

जड़ चेतन गुन दोषमय
विस्व कीन्ह करतार। 

संत हंस गन गहहिं पय
परिहरि  वारि विकार।।
मानस 1/6
God has created the universe comprising animate beings and inanimate things, all partaking of both good and evil. They are Saints ( or men of wisdom ) who imbibe the goodness in all, and reject the evil in all, just as the swan takes in the milk constituent only, discarding the water from it. [ Although It was a belief in ancient times that the swan had this faculty, yet, science has negated this myth ]

Note :-- The lesson as a take home is .....................

Man is endowed by nature with vivek ( the faculty to discriminate with logic & reason ) the his most precious characteristic --- the capacity to discriminate between eternal and ephemeral; real and unreal; good and bad etc.
He is truely wise, who exercises his vivek discreetly. 

Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk

Subject: प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty contd )

प्रात पुनीत काल प्रभु जागे। 
अरुनचूड़ बर बोलन लागे ।। *1/357/3

The Lord ( Shri Ram ) used to wake up at the sacred hour before dawn. 

Notes : 1.  Very early hours of morning (between 3 am and 5 am ) are suitable for meditation, contemplation and Jap (repetition of Divine name).

2. The word Hindi in meaning for the second line would have stated :--

मुर्गे बाग़ देने लगे। 

For the interest of the younger generation, it may be stated here that when the normal environment was less polluted, animals also followed their assigned tasks.

As the sun dawned, the cock greeted it by his loud crowing sound, sending clear signals to the gentry that the sun had arisen. 

As such, the cock served as an 'alarm clock' for the early risers.

Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk

SUNDAY- प्रथम कर्तव्य
( First Duty-contd.)

प्रातकाल उठि कै रघुनाथा। 

मातु पिता गुरु नावहिं माथा।। *1/204/4

After getting up at dawn, Shri Raghunath used to bow His had to His mother, father and preceptor.

Note : Bowing the head to one's parents ad preceptor enhances one's longevity, knowledge fame and strength. 

Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk

प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty)

मातु पिता गुरु प्रभु कै  बानी। 

बिनहि बिचारि करिअ सुभ जानी।।

The word of one's mother, father, preceptor and master must be implicitly carried out, regarding them as auspicious and beneficial. 

Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk

प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty contd.)

सुनु जननी सोइ सुतु बड़भागी। 
जो पितु मातु वचन अनुरागी।।

तनय मातु पितु तोषनिहारा। 
दुर्लभ जननि सकल संसारा।।

Listen mother : " That son alone is blessed, who is devoted to the words of his parents. A son, who gratifies his father and mother is rare in this wide world, mother.

NOTE : This is a statement made by Lord Ram about an ideal son, we all must aspire to be as our FIRST DUTY.

the rareness aspect, referred to in the aforesaid chaupaee by Shri Ram holds good for every child, born in this world. 

- Ajey.     

Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey'sDesk

प्रथम कर्तव्य
( First Duty contd. )

करइ जो करम पाव फल सोई। 
निगम नीति असि कह सबु कोई।।                                 *2/74/4

It is the law of the Vedas, which has been confirmed by all, that the doer of an action reaps the fruits.

Personal Note : The aforesaid चौपाई seems to be in sync with the English proverb, " As you sow; so shall you reap !"  


Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

SUNDAY प्रथम कर्तव्य
( First Duty contd. )

कादर मन कहुँ एक अधारा। 
दैव  दैव  आलसी  पुकारा ।।

" Fate" is an excuse pleaded by the coward and is resorted to by the indolent.

Personal note : There has to be an endeavour for continuous improvement .......to enhance one's knowledge, skills and positive attitude ..............            as per the principle, " First deserve; then desire." 

It is not the intention of Shri Ram to suggest that one should stop praying to the Lord Almighty for success.

After making all out efforts, one should pray for Lord's grace and seek blessings of the elders for success.   


Sadhak Ajey said...

From Sadhak Ajey's Desk,

प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty contd. )

प्रबिसि नगर कीजे सब काजा। 
ह्रदय राखि  कोसलपुर राजा।।

Keep the king of Kosala ( Shri Ram ) in your heart, while you embark on an endeavour and accomplish all your actions.

Personal note : The devotee who aspires to be a 'yogi', tries to begin every project by associating the same with the Lord. Interestingly, if he tries to perform 'yog', which literally means 'joining'...................."Joining with the Lord, he must remember the Lord from ab initio.

It appears to me that great philosophers like Shri Swami Satyanandji and Tagore have propagated similar views. 

Swami Satyanandji Maharaj in Amrit Vani says, 

"Ram Ram bhaj kar Shri Ram, Kariye nity hi uttam kaam" 

One of the most famous quotation of Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore is, " It shall be my endeavour to seek THEE in my action, knowing that it's THINE unseen power, which gives me strength to act. "  

The चौपाई is widely associated with श्री हनुमानजी as this was told to him by निशाचरी लंकिनी, at the entrance gate of Lanka, the moment she realized that Hanumanji was Shri Ram's envoy ( दूत ). 

This चौपाई is very dear to साधक-भक्त who have it as their most favourite सम्पुट for मानस पाठ specially of सुन्दर काण्ड।   

Remembering Shri Ram as one embarks upon or steps into a new field/place/assignment/test/exam/job/journey etc. naturally makes one seek the Lord's Divine Grace. 


Sadhak Ajey said...

From SadhakAjey's Desk,

प्रथम कर्तव्य ( First Duty ) cont'd

सो अनन्य जाकें असि मति न टरइ हनुमंत । 
मै सेवक सचराचर रूप स्वामि  भगवंत।।                                        *4/3

Shri Ram declares : " O Hanuman ! I consider him to be exclusively devoted to Me, who has unwavering conviction that he is the servant and the Lord, who  manifests Himself  in the form of the entire animate and inanimate creation as his Master ".

Personal note : 

This दोहा was, on many occasions, referred to by Pujya Babuji as गुरु मंत्र  with which Ramji gave दीक्षा to Hanumanji for service.

Swami Sivanandaji Saraswati of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh says :-

For a devotee, " being good " is as much important as " doing good. " 

He would often say SERVE, LOVE,  GIVE !

'Tap' - Contemplation, in secluded place, away from the society and worldly pleasures, is meant to purify the MIND. However, 'Sadgun', refined through 'savadhyaay' 'sadachar' 'sadvyavhaar' and 'SEVA' as a 'grahasth' characterise a 'sadhak,' treading the path of sadhna.

The real test of 'TAP'- maansik (mental), vaachik (vocal)  shareerik (body) pertains to the attitudinal aspect (bhaav) of SEVA ................. forgiving & giving to not only the poor, sick & needy but also every one around ; and maintaining in healthy / beautiful condition  every thing around in  ecology & environment, inherited or developed by us.    

It may be assertively stated that  SEVA displays one's commitment to 'vidya' 'vinay' and 'vivek', the triveni of sadhak's 'sangam' for progress.